Expanding Patient Voices and Understanding Their Perspectives

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Expanding Patient Voices and Understanding Their Perspectives

There is a lot of talk in the industry about patient centricity, but is it being applied?

DIA 2018There is talk about putting the needs of patients first and keeping them central in the business decisions we make in the healthcare industry. However, as Health Union CEO Olivier Chateau discussed on a panel at this year’s DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting, somehow in the effort to amplify patient centricity, a critical voice is often underrepresented—the voice of the patient.

Health Union recently surveyed patients who have participated in clinical trials to better understand their experiences and learn more about their motivations. The survey revealed a great disparity between patients who want to participate in a clinical trial for their condition, and those that actually do participate. Of patients from Health Union’s online communities who were surveyed, 69% of patients expressed interest in participating in clinical research. However, only 12% have ever actually participated.

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