At Health Union, we inspire people to live better with specific health conditions. Our unique approach combines new daily, original content with digital, social and mobile technologies to cultivate active, engaged online communities. More than a digital publisher, we build real relationships with people and develop deep expertise in the markets we serve. Our goal is to harness the full power of the Internet and emerging technology to help people with challenging health conditions live better lives.

Health Union platforms are unique ecosystems that illuminate the voices and experiences of people living with challenging health conditions, like migraine, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, type 2 diabetes, COPD, Crohn’s disease, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, lung cancer and more. We listen to these communities and consistently reflect their perspectives, such that each platform evolves and grows for the community, by the community. Today, Health Union ecosystems are some of the largest and fastest growing online health communities in their markets. Learn more about our Communities.

For partners, Health Union delivers the next generation of healthcare communication and patient engagement. Our goal is to leverage the expertise we’ve developed in these markets to foster relationships that provide value to all stakeholders, ultimately improving health and healthcare for people living with these conditions. Learn about our Partner Solutions.

Authenticity, privacy and transparency are important to us. We always strive to prove this in our actions. Read more about our Privacy Policy.


Second only to our robust patient communities, the people of Health Union are our greatest asset. Collectively, Health Union brings together a diverse group of professionals with 100+ years’ experience in the health and pharmaceutical industries, who work alongside an incredible team of patient advocates and healthcare experts that regularly contribute to and moderate Our Communities. Leveraging expertise across business strategy, account planning, pharmaceutical marketing, public health, health communications, technology and emerging media, linguistics, organizational psychology and human behavior, the Health Union team is uniquely positioned to build and grow the relationships – with patients, with advocates, with partners – that differentiate our company. And we’re pretty fun at parties, too!


Olivier Chateau

CEO and Co-Founder

Visionary, Passionate about people, New ideas every day, Loving dad and husband, Avid soccer fan

Olivier Chateau is CEO and Co-Founder of Health Union where his vision and desire for innovation is a driving force behind our platforms, services and solutions. During his 10 years in pharmaceutical marketing, Olivier gained experience in consumer marketing, insight creation, digital technology and analytics, which he leverages along with extensive commercial knowledge of the healthcare market to develop unique opportunities that connect patients, professionals and industry partners to improve health decisions. Olivier’s passion and enthusiasm for Health Union is contagious, inspiring the team to think bigger, to be creative, to do what hasn’t been done. His favorite saying (written on the wall in Health Union’s office) is “If you believe your dreams are achievable, they are too small. Dream bigger.”

Tim Armand

President and Co-Founder

Dad to two teenagers, Innovator, Unashamed Philadelphia sports fan, Pragmatist, Parrot Head, Part-time Captain

Tim Armand, MBA, is President and Co-Founder of Health Union, where he brings a special combination of humor, focus and practical leadership that helps all those around him achieve extraordinary results. After an exciting 14-year ride in corporate America, Tim left one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to return to his roots as an entrepreneur. Tim always brings forward thinking to everything he does – whether launching new products as a marketing lead or navigating through crazy days during the dot com boom as the head of eBusiness. However, Tim is never one to be blinded by the sizzle or the latest bright, shiny object. One of his favorite sayings is “Facts are friends,” which keeps Tim (and Health Union) grounded in reality. Tim takes great pride in the fact that Health Union connects communities of real patients and corporate partners to create transparent, win-win solutions.

Lauren Lawhon

Chief Operating Officer

Three-time soccer mom, Loves to examine X-rays, Closet hair band junkie, Sometimes know-it-all, Football fanatic

Lauren Lawhon is COO at Health Union where she uses a strong eye (and ear) for brand strategy, marketing, and health communications to develop innovative solutions that connect companies with our patient communities. Serving as the leader of Health Union’s core business functions, Lauren has a unique ability to create understanding, encourage collaboration, and push for progress. By quickly synthesizing data into meaningful insights and translating high-level concepts into actionable plans, Lauren helps turn the “so what” into “this is kind of a big deal.”

Amrita Bhowmick

Chief Community Officer

Mom of two (one human, one canine), Food nerd, Outdoor enthusiast, Insights junkie, Public health advocate

Amrita Bhowmick, MPH, MBA is Chief Community Officer at Health Union where she combines business acumen and public health expertise to create and cultivate Health Union’s content-rich patient communities. With her Master’s degree in Public Health and many years in pharmaceutical marketing and analytics, Amrita accumulated extensive healthcare experience, which she has honed to develop a keen sense for patient needs. Amrita’s knowledge and intuition of the patient journey help translate Health Union’s large-scale patient dialogue into the real insights that make these communities successful.

Blake Harris

Chief Experience Officer

Obsessed with travel, design, bonsai, and air-cooled VWs

J. Blake Harris is Chief Experience Officer at Health Union where he architects the visual, emotional and interactive experiences that define our platforms. A former “agency-lifer,” Blake spent nearly 20 years at award-winning advertising and interactive marketing agencies, where he honed his creative skills and taught himself the ins and outs of HTML, java, CSS, app development and more. At Health Union, the evidence of Blake’s UX vision is everywhere – from the simple font styles and content-focused framework to the illustration-style artwork and edgy interpretations of patients’ real words and feelings.

Anna McClafferty

SVP, Insights

Lover of good fishing stories, Girl mom, Homesteader wannabe, Marcella Hazan devotee, (Somewhat lapsed) Francophile

Anna McClafferty is SVP, Insights at Health Union where she helps our clients integrate the voice of consumer into their strategies and actions.  Anna brings extensive experience in all areas of pharmaceutical commercial operations, including a keen focus on the art and science of insights generation. She has held executive leadership positions at pharmaceutical, organizational consulting and strategic marketing research companies.  Joining Health Union’s leadership team, Anna is energized by the myriad opportunities to connect active, engaged patient communities with companies committed to understanding consumers.

David Shronk

SVP, Media

Phamily, Phriends, Phun, Phood and of course all things Philly

David Shronk, MS, is SVP, Media at Health Union where he puts his Biology degrees to work alongside 15+ years in healthcare media, marketing and analytics to improve people’s lives. Driven by a life-long interest in health, David leverages his extensive experience understanding data, gathering information, and discovering trends to maximize the impact of Health Union’s unique model. Every day, David uncovers insights about patients, partners and products that fuel innovative media solutions for Health Union communities and clients.


Kristine Zerkowski

Executive Director, Community Development

Mother of two, Baking ninja, Travel enthusiast, Nature lover, Health geek

Kristine Zerkowski is Executive Director, Community Development at Health Union, where she applies her medical writing and health expertise to develop and manage several of Health Union’s patient communities. With her background in Kinesiology and many years of experience in medical and scientific communications, Kristine is able to connect with patients on a personal level to better understand their unique interests and needs. Her passion for health – and her infectious enthusiasm for learning – help to nurture Health Union’s growing communities.

Susan Mees

Executive Director, Community Development

East coaster by choice, Podcast obsessive, Excel aficionado, Lover of dogs and sandals, Sparkly beverage fanatic, Closet puzzle addict

Susan Mees is Executive Director, Community Development at Health Union, where she combines her passion for patient communities and love of analysis to help manage and grow Health Union. She loves learning as many new things as possible and is excited about any challenge that involves building a passionate community of users who are motivated to change the world. With a background in startups, Susan is well-versed in the wearing of many hats and loves finding new and creative solutions to problems – something she hopes to bring to her work within the online community.

Jenn Lebowitz

Senior Director, Community Development

Community manager, Dunkin’ decaf fiend, Hip hop devotee, Gary Vee enthusiast, Long Beach NY-native

Jenn Lebowitz, MA, is Director of Community Development at Health Union where she combines her deep understanding of people with her love for writing and connecting others. In her former life as a college dean, Jenn honed her strengths in helping people through tough challenges under pressure; and this skill set, along with her passion for all things community, fuels her work at Health Union.

Kelly McNamara

Senior Director, Community Development

Sweater enthusiast, Over-the-hill soccer player, Terrible cook/Awesome reservation maker, Chaotically organized, Too clumsy for heels

Kelly McNamara, MA, is Director of Community Development at Health Union where she blends emerging media, analytics and the psychology of human behavior to create real connections within our patient communities. With a master’s degree in mass communications and media theory, and her previous experience in the non-profit sector, Kelly has a unique perspective on growing online communities and member interaction. In her role at Health Union, she applies critical analysis of mass media trends to engage individuals.

Brian Green

Senior Director, Community Development

Mid-western transplant, Dog (and all animal) lover, Health data geek, Avid follower of science, medical, and political news

Brian M. Green, MS, is Senior Director of Community Development at Health Union where he brings 20 years of experience in public health, health policy, and community health programs to enhance our online patient communities. Brian has worked on HIV prevention research studies, educating communities about HIV vaccine research, overseeing quality improvement initiatives for HIV clinical care, healthcare provider training, and engaging communities to improve their access to sexual and reproductive healthcare..

Stephanie Huston

Director, Community Development

Linguistics nerd, Amateur boxer, Travel enthusiast, Beer connoisseur, Rochester native

Stephanie Huston is Director of Community Development at Health Union where she leverages her background in healthcare communications to identify and hone the enriching content that resonates with our highly engaged communities. Stephanie’s academic foundation in Sociolinguistics and Psychology aids her understanding of the subtle nuances within various health conditions. Stephanie spent years analyzing the communication gaps between physicians and their patients, and now at Health Union, she strives to close those gaps by cultivating an online haven for patient education, advocacy, and community for specific health conditions.

Kate Volpicelli

Director, Community Development

Loves traveling, fine wine, and live music … And always saves room for macaroni and cheese

At Health Union, Kate Volpicelli is the Director of Community Development. She brings over nine years of experience in developing health communications materials and working to improve the health of communities globally. Before joining Health Union, Kate managed a number of innovative programs focusing on global and domestic health issues. She worked alongside community members to understand their needs and support them in solving their problems. She strives to use her past experience to build meaningful relationships with community members suffering from chronic health conditions.

Ketki Gupte

Director, Community Development

Loving wife, Language and communication enthusiast, Pattern spotter, Cooking whiz, Thinks Chai is the answer to all troubles, Cat lover

Ketki Gupte, MA is Director of Community Development at Health Union where she employs her education in Marketing, Communications, and Linguistics along with her experience in healthcare communication to understand and cater to patient needs. During her time analyzing doctor-patient communication, Ketki discovered the power of empathy as key to effective communication with patients and also a means to engage and empower them. At Health Union, she strives to nurture empathetic communities which will eventually help patients and caregivers take charge of the condition,improve their quality of life, and find support while doing so.

Amna Rizvi

Director, Community Development

Mama to one awesome babe, Public health nerd, Lover of carbs, cheese and chocolate, DIY-hater, Globe trotter

Amna Rizvi, MPH is the Director of Community Development at Health Union where she uses her background in health communications to understand and cater to the needs of people living with challenging health conditions. Amna has a Master’s degree in Public Health and many years of experience in the government and non-profit sector. She strives to use her experience and skills to build and sustain communities where patients feel empowered to advocate for themselves, get the most up-to-date information about their health conditions, and share experiences in order to improve the quality of their lives.

Rebecca Braglio

Director, Community Development

Former criminal defense attorney, Lover of old things, Obsessed with recommending quality dog food, Eats only plants

Rebecca Braglio, J.D., is Director of Community Development at Health Union where she uses her background in psychology and law to create welcoming and supportive environments that meet member needs. In a former life, Rebecca practiced as a criminal defense attorney and specialized in mental health cases. After becoming involved in a senior pet rescue organization and volunteering for her local shelter, Rebecca shifted her focus from the law to building communities and connecting people. Her background in mental health has given her a genuine sense of understanding the struggles others endure while recognizing the importance of a supportive and empowering community. When she isnt building communities, she spends her free time surrounded by senior dogs and cats.

Sara Hayes

Director, Community Development

Advocate for patient empowerment, Aspiring Jeopardy contestant, Science nerd, Gummy bear connoisseur, Architectural Digest enthusiast

Sara Hayes, MPH, is Director of Community Development at Health Union where she uses her experience in health care and patient engagement to support Health Union’s communities. With a Master’s degree in Public Health and experience across a variety of healthcare settings, Sara is dedicated to helping patients feel empowered and engaged as active participants in their own care. She uses her past experience a counselor to better understand the individual experiences of patients and help provide a comforting environment for them to learn and share their stories.

Marcia Kavulich

Director, Community Development

Adventurous diner, Avid traveler, West Coaster at heart, Sporadically athletic, and Friend to anything with four legs

Marcia Kavulich, MPH, is Director of Community Development at Health Union. She draws on her experience in health behavior research and clinical trials to establish and grow Health Union communities. With a master’s degree in public health and previous positions where she interacted with people living with a variety of chronic health conditions, Marcia looks forward to facilitating lively discussion and fostering deep connections between patients. 

Chris Hall

Director, Community Development

Husband, Father, Drummer, Backpacker, Pre-“Black Album” Metallica fan

Chris Hall is Director of Community Development at Health Union. During his previous career in health insurance product management, he realized his true desire was to utilize web and social media technologies to make positive impacts on people’s lives. At Health Union, Chris strives to leverage his background and experience to cultivate and engage patient communities in effective ways.

Joanna Bodner

Associate Director, Community Development

Mother of three, Fitness lover, Clutter phobic, Cooking enthusiast (before having persnickety eaters), HGTV addict and all things home design

Joanna Bodner is Associate Director of Community Development at Health Union where she utilizes her strong passion for connecting and building positive relationships. She received her Bachelors degree in Sociology with a minor in Communications and has worked in the healthcare industry for over a decade. Now at Health Union it is her motivation to continually connect with others by finding a common ground to boost awareness in every segment for those with chronic health conditions. Joanna currently resides in Durham, Connecticut with her husband and three young children. She enjoys staying active and volunteering for their town youth wellness programs.

Lauren Tucker

Associate Director, Community Development

Canine mommy, Philly suburb native, Sushi enthusiast, Shopaholic, Family girl

Lauren Tucker is Associate Director, Community Development at Health Union, where her former career as an elementary school teacher paved her way to understand and empathize with many different people of all ages. She brings her creative eye to making real world connections and building relationships with all those she interacts with. Lauren’s passion for helping and teaching others is infectious and will help to nurture Health Union’s online communities.

Margot Tishberg

Manager, Community Development

Popcorn fanatic, Used bookstore enthusiast, Fledgling meditator, Frequent concert-goer, Rarely seen without a water bottle

Margot Tishberg, Manager, Community Development at Health Union, is excited to combine her background in digital marketing with her passion for healthcare to build meaningful relationships and encourage community engagement in her role as Manager of Community Development at Health Union. She is driven by her empathy and a deep desire to connect with and learn from the people around her. Margot’s experiences promoting concerts and concert venues, tutoring college philosophy and history, and studying English Literature at Oberlin College have provided her with a diverse skill set relevant to her many areas of interest.

Henry Baddour

Intern, Community Development

Avid golfer, Huge Tarheel Fan, Runner, Beach Lover and Mediterranean Food Enthusiast

Henry Baddour is an intern supporting the Community Team. After living through twelve surgeries to address his Cleft Lip and Palate, Henry identified a lack of resources in that community and founded and manages Cleft Proud, providing him quite a bit of community management experience. He has spoken at many public events on the topic and has experience in marketing, entrepreneurship and website building.


Gentry Griffith

Creative Director, UX

Film enthusiast, Determined perfectionist, User-oriented, Culture seeker, One-of-those health nuts

Gentry Griffith, BFA, is Creative Director at Health Union where she blends her background in user-experience strategy and art direction to bring Health Union content to life. Gentry is a diverse designer – bringing skills in both interactive and traditional art direction – with experience in publishing, finance and advertising. Working through this lens, Gentry applies a unique approach to visualizing our editorial and community-based content, creating not only thought-provoking visuals, but also effective experiences that reflect awareness and understanding of unique patient needs.

Matt Dean

Art Director

Constantly curious, Adventurer, Doodler, Photog, Coffee snob

Matt Dean, BFA is Art Director at Health Union where he uses his creative problem solving to visually communicate the unique content of Health Union. Matt uses his background in advertising along with his traditional art and design knowledge to create strong concepts that allow the user to view something complex in a simple way. A design jack-of-all trades, Matt’s curious nature has led him to teach himself many skills from web development to photography that he utilizes in his role at Health Union.

Caroline Liddic

Art Director

Cookie baker, Loud laugher, World adventurer, Cat hugger, Food & beer enthusiast

Caroline Liddic, BS, is a proud and overly-excited Art Director with a varied background in marketing, advertising, graphic design, illustration, and photography. She enjoys detailed planning, saying yes to new experiences, and finding fun in everyday situations. A hardworking perfectionist in both her work and at home, she excels at organizing and making processes easier and more efficient, and plans to use her creative experience and talents to help expand awareness about Health Union’s many great communities.

Jennifer Poyser

Art Director

Mom to two kids and one husband, Architecture and history nerd, Universal design fan, Backyard organic farmer, Philadelphia phanatic, Takes too many pictures on her phone

Jenn Poyser, BS, is an Art Director at Health Union where she uses skills honed over the past 13+ years in advertising, marketing, photography, and print to create a cohesive visual experience for our online communities. As an Industrial Design major, Jenn enjoyed working with the occupational therapy community to design for specific needs. In her current position, Jenn uses her real life experiences with an autoimmune disease, combined with her art and content abilities, to craft a useful forum and lively platform for community members.

Tiesha Miller

Production Designer

Introvert with extrovert tendencies, Science nerd, Suffering Eagles fan, Wing Connoisseur, Wine enthusiast

Tiesha Miller, BS, is a Production Designer at Health Union where she applies her multimedia background to develop captivating user experiences. When she was a preteen, Tiesha taught herself how to code and continued to expand her multimedia design skills throughout the years. Tiesha utilizes analytical and creative approaches to produce effective user-centered designs. She employs her education in technical and science communication to improve user interaction with every platform.

Michael Fitzgerald

Technology Lead

Dad to two Adults in their 20’s who are not on his cell plan, Husband, Unashamed New York sports fan, Elder Care Advocate

Michael is the Technology Lead at Health Union overseeing the Technology team. Michael brings a combination of experience, hands on technical leadership, and a sense of humor to the “ever fascinating” world of technology. His mantra is simple, “surround yourself with talented people, keep distractions to a minimum, make sure they enjoy what they are doing, and Deliver”. When not working with the tech team towards a deliverable or resolving an incident Michael can be found playing Ice Hockey (50+ years in skates) or working as a volunteer at an elder care facility.

Austin Huminski

Senior Software Developer

Avid runner, Dog lover, Tech geek, Sports fanatic, Semi-professional Madden NFL player

Austin Huminski is a Senior Developer at Health Union where he utilizes his extensive background in big data web development and APIs to maximize Health Union’s software platform. Austin believes that process and tech stack can always be improved, and he has spent over six years incorporating that belief across multiple industries from healthcare to green energy. His deep passion for coding and entrepreneurial spirit make him a perfect fit for this thriving start-up.

Dave Walker

Senior Software Developer

Sailor, Comedy nerd, Problem solver, General vagabond, and Triathlon survivor

Dave Walker is a Senior Software Developer at Health Union and brings years of experience solving complex problems to his role as a senior web developer at Health Union. He has worked in a variety of fields to improve how users interact with technology at all levels. He will work to continuously enhance the user experience while improving the performance and efficiency of the underlying technology.

Chris Woodson

Senior Software Developer

Loves traveling, cycling, learning, finding his next new adventure and spending time with his awesome family

Chris Woodson is Senior Software Developer at Health Union where he combines his extensive experience in programming with his background in Chemical Engineering to find functional and elegant solutions to optimize Health Union’s data science efforts and to align their community websites. He is excited to realize the potential that harvesting and using big data can bring to Health Union and its members. Chris believes that a robust, organized team is essential as he works to transform data into growth and success for Health Union’s communities.

Tom Carney

Tom Carney

Senior WordPress Developer

Netflix binge watcher, Euro soccer and Philly sports fan, Trivia enthusiast, Tech conference & events lover

Tom Carney is Senior WordPress Developer at Health Union where he utilizes his vast understanding of WordPress to enhance all website elements across Health Union.  His considerable experience with WordPress theme and plugin building processes helps improve the user experience of Health Union’s online communities.  His love for user experience, code and design perfectly aligns with Health Union’s progressive community platform. 


Jeff Orban

Senior Director, Program Delivery

Doting dad and husband, Sports fanatic, Planner of everything, Dedicated brew taster, Golf course tamer

Jeff Orban is Senior Director, Program Delivery at Health Union, where he focuses on operational efficiency and effectiveness of programs and services. Jeff’s mantra, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” (courtesy of Benjamin Franklin) guides his day-to-day responsibilities managing Health Union’s multiple complex programs from inception to successful completion. Jeff joins Health Union with more than 15 years experience in the healthcare industry and a reputation for adeptly bringing teams together to achieve common goals (and desired results). Never one to take himself too seriously, Jeff is a self-proclaimed “class clown” who provides much-needed comic relief to keep the big picture in focus throughout all things planning and implementation.

Britt Booth

Director, Audience Development

Beach bum, Foodie, Dog lover, Chocolate fanatic, Delaware Blue Hen

Britt Booth, Double Bachelors, is Director of Audience Development at Health Union where she draws upon her education and experience to translate clients’ KPIs into strategic marketing campaigns. Britt’s first-hand knowledge – both client-side and agency – spans the entire lifecycle of a campaign including strategy development and planning, tactical plan execution, performance analysis and improvement. In her role at Health Union, Britt fosters strong agency relationships, manages media delivery and campaign optimization, along with facilitating project management of internal initiatives.

Kate Buzzelli

Associate Director, Audience Development

Bookworm, Starbucks addict, Beach lover, Sucker for anything chocolate, UVA sports fan

Kate Buzzelli is Associate Director of Audience Development at Health Union where she leverages her previous work in digital marketing analytics to help build and maintain effective campaigns. Driven by a love for numbers, she has experience gathering and interpreting data, identifying trends, and highlighting key insights to optimize digital campaigns. At Health Union, Kate will help manage campaign performance and apply her analytics knowledge to bring a unique perspective to the team.

Tanvy Limaye

Analyst, Audience Development

Adventure sports enthusiast, Animal lover, Numbers nerd, Nature explorer, Dancer

Tanvy Limaye, Analyst, Audience Development joins the Health Union team from Northwestern University where she studied Mechanical Engineering. As a member of the Audience Development team she will perform analytical magic to drive understanding and optimization of our promotional efforts. Her role involves leveraging our goldmine of data and information to better understand, model and predict trends for the Audience Development team.

Cheryl Makopoulos

Account Manager, Insights

Boy mom, Dogue lover, 90’s grunge music enthusiast, Late-blooming obsessed runner, Perpetual arranger

Cheryl Makopoulos is Account Manager, Insights at Health Union where she brings a passion for turning information into insights that help fuel relevant and effective patient conversations. With over 15 years of healthcare marketing, advertising and analytics experience, she has an ability to identify business needs and communicate how perceived challenges can become opportunities. At Health Union, Cheryl is responsible for helping Clients appreciate and fully leverage the depth and value of our patient insights through all of our syndicated and custom research offerings.

LB Herbert

Senior Director, Insights & Clinical Programs

Cheer Mom/band Mom, Karateka, Spreadsheet queen, Lover of all things data, Antique junkie

Leslie Beth “LB” Herbert, PhD, is Senior Director, Insights & Clinical Programs at Health Union where she leverages her background in customer research, statistics, user experience design and innovation to tackle diverse projects in both research and analytics. LB’s 15+ years of professional experience spans the range of primary research services, such as online surveys and user-intercept surveys, interviews/focus groups, ethnography and usability testing, along with social media monitoring and metrics. At Health Union, LB directs both qualitative and quantitative research initiatives, along with clinical trial screening and recruitment programs. She leverages her strengths in synthesizing all types of data to tell a “deeper story” and share insights to fuel Health Union’s ongoing relationships with patients, caregivers, disease advocates and partners.

Kaitlyn McNamara

Insights Analyst

Chipotle addict, Gilmore Girls fanatic, Stylist for a cat-dog, Hot beverage hater, One-and-done marathoner

Kaitlyn McNamara is an Insights Analyst at Health Union, where she combines her past professional experience as a medical underwriter with her degree in mathematics and statistics. While underwriting, Kaitlyn garnered extensive knowledge in chronic medical conditions and treatment experience. This knowledge, along with her interest in statistical analysis, allows Kaitlyn to uncover meaningful insights within Health Union’s patient and caregiver communities.


Jeanette Cucura

Senior Director, Strategic Accounts

Loving handler of a husband and canine, Sushi fiend, Addicted to Uber, Coffee snob (La Colombe, always), Wanna-be child of the 80s

Jeanette Cucura, BA is Senior Director, Strategic Accounts at Health Union where she utilizes her years of pharmaceutical and agency experience to translate media briefs and RFPs into winning proposals, to foster agency relationships, and to execute successful advertising campaigns. (And she excels at wrangling Health Union’s internal operations, too!) Jeanette thrives in Health Union’s fast-paced environment, applying her strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills to get things done and navigate whatever challenges come her way.

Brittany Strubilla

Associate Director, Strategic Accounts

Part-time artist, Equestrian, Passionate backpacker, Not-so-crazy-cat-lady, Frequent DIY-er

Brittany Strubilla, Double Bachelors, is Associate Director of Strategic Accounts at Health Union where she leverages her pharmaceutical marketing and media experience to match clients’ objectives with thoughtful, results-driven marketing campaigns across Health Union’s endemic platforms. Brittany also applies her creativity and passion for professional networking to Health Union’s corporate communications efforts, helping to convey the fun, fearless and fast-paced culture that defines our team.

Janelle Setzer

Client Success Manager

Dog mom, Loyal Philadelphia sports fan, Driver of the WentzWagon, Adventure seeker, Wine lover

Janelle Setzer, Client Success Manager, brings her passion for excellence and previous agency experience to help build successful media programs. In this role, she leverages her industry knowledge and her communications expertise to maximize campaigns across Health Union platforms and nurture relationships – both internally and externally. 

Brian Webster

VP, Business Development

Father, Honest, “We’ll figure it out,” and All things ocean-related

Brian Webster is VP, Business Development for Media where he leverages his sales experience in technology, direct-to-patient and point-of-care marketing to bring structure and strategy to the fast-paced (and often chaotic) world of digital media partnerships. Brian’s previous work with pharmaceutical companies, payers, and OTC products – not to mention some of the largest mass and food retailers in America – helps Health Union build new relationships and explore innovative ways to bring patient perspectives at the forefront of media and strategic planning. At the end of the day, Brian ABSOLUTELY loves working in healthcare, knowing that Health Union helps real patients with real challenges (although he finds it hard to compete at the dinner table with his wife, a Physician’s Assistant).

David Marsland

Senior Director, Business Development

Grateful Dad, Happy snowboarder, Golf course roamer, Beer & music = Life, Philly sports

David Marsland is Sr. Director, Business Development for Media because he loves to understand a customer’s goals and objectives, can’t wait to find ways to help them succeed and doesn’t do well behind a desk. He’s worked with pharmaceutical and OTC brands since 2005 and believes the future of healthcare will lie in the hands of the well informed consumer. He realizes that everyday is a chance to develop a new relationship and improve an existing one.

Jordan Miller

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Foodie, Sports fan, Gluten-hater, Sarcastic, Avid carnivore

Jordan Miller is Director, Strategic Partnerships at Health Union where he puts his previous agency experience into action, delivering unique and custom media solutions tailored to every client’s objectives. Jordan keeps an eye on the competition and trends within the healthcare media landscape in order to provide agency partners and clients with a clear understanding of what differentiates Health Union platforms, capabilities and – most importantly – our results. A former media planner, Jordan continues in an active role with current and prospective clients to develop actionable and results-driven media solutions that engage Health Union communities in meaningful ways.


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