Jake Ridgway Joins Health Union Executive Team As Vice President of People

With almost 20 years of experience building organizations and growing top tier talent, Jake Ridgway has joined Health Union as vice president of people.
Prostate Cancer In America 2019

Health Union Survey Finds Initial Stage of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Can Significantly Impact Quality of Life, Ability to ‘Feel Like a Man’

The initial stage at which men are diagnosed with prostate cancer can have a significant impact on multiple facets of their quality of life, including their self-esteem, how they share feelings with others and their ability to “feel like a man.” This is one of many key findings from Prostate Cancer In America 2019, a new survey from Health Union that illuminates the perspectives and experiences of people living with prostate cancer.

Survey Finds People with Advanced Breast Cancer Experience Lower Quality of Life, Low Confidence in Treatment Plan

A new survey from Health Union supports the need for more resources that meet the specific challenges of people living with advanced stages of breast cancer who are more likely than the broader breast cancer population to experience low quality of life. The survey, titled Advanced Breast Cancer In America 2019, illuminates the perspectives and experiences of patients and caregivers impacted by stage 3 and stage 4 breast cancer. The findings further support the launch of, Health Union’s 20th chronic condition-specific online community.

Blood Cancer In America 2018

Health Union Survey Reveals Half of Blood Cancer Cases Detected from Symptoms, Other Half Incidental

A new Health Union survey reveals that there is a 50-50 split between blood cancer being detected after experiencing symptoms and detection as a result of other unrelated or incidental situations. The survey, titled Blood Cancer In America 2019, illuminates the perspectives and experiences of patients and caregivers impacted by every form of blood cancer, including multiple myeloma, lymphoma, leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes and myeloproliferative neoplasms.

A person and their doctor

Health Union Survey Finds Cancer Patients Satisfied with Their Doctors, Autoimmune Patients Dissatisfied

People living with various types of cancer are likely to feel satisfied with their healthcare providers (HCPs) and feel controlled on their current treatment plans, while people living with autoimmune conditions feel less satisfaction as it relates to their HCP and treatment. This and other findings from Health Union’s 2018 HCP Satisfaction Survey provide a deep understanding from patients – representing more than three dozen chronic conditions – of their perceptions of and satisfaction with the doctors they see most regularly.