Health Union is the only digital health company that integrates human connections and technology to continuously bring people impacted by chronic health conditions together, through a growing family of condition-specific online communities.

By combining new, original content published every day through digital, social and mobile technologies, Health Union evolves social interactions into meaningful health conversations that help people live better with challenging conditions. Simultaneously, healthcare industry partners understand, reach and engage people with smarter, more meaningful solutions that meet needs.  

Health Union’s growing portfolio of online health communities illuminate the voices and experiences of millions of people living with a broad range of chronic health conditions, including autoimmune, oncology, general medicine and neuro-degenerative therapeutic areas.


Health Union online health communities are some of the largest and fastest growing in their markets. Every day, we listen to real patients with these conditions and consistently reflect their perspectives, such that each platform evolves and grows for the community, by the community. Collectively, these patient communities touch more than 11 million people each month from website visits, social media interactions and email communications.


Since 2010, Health Union has immersed itself in the chronic condition experience which brings insight, reach and engagement opportunities to industry partners and leads them to create smarter, more effective solutions. The results speak for themselves.

The audiences you need.

25 condition-specific online health communities reaching over 11 million people a month

The insights you want.

Rich first-party data and custom research that make all your marketing efforts smarter

The results you deserve.

No. 1 in audience quality, HCP visits, and Rx lift (as measured by multiple third-party studies)

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