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At Health Union, we inspire people to live better with specific health conditions. Our unique approach combines new daily, original content with digital, social and mobile technologies to cultivate some of the most active, engaged and fast-growing online communities in migraine, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, hepatitis C, COPD, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, lung cancer, Parkinson’s disease, skin cancer, atopic dermatitis, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, blood cancer, endometriosis, advanced breast cancer, macular degeneration, ankylosing spondylitis, alzheimer’s disease and more. You’ll find this is a company crafted by original ideas and contingent upon a foundation of dedicated employees, patient advocates, and experts. We believe …

  • Technology has the power to join people together to promote health and vitality, even in the face of very challenging, and often chronic, health conditions.
  • The voice of personal experience from people living with an illness, disease or health condition is the most important voice in healthcare.
  • People deserve honesty, privacy, and transparency regarding their health and healthcare.

And we are passionate about putting these beliefs into action! Do you share our passion? Want to join our fast-growing company? Find out what new and exciting opportunities are available today. Browse our current job openings.


Health Union is a fast-paced, forward thinking company. Our desire to help people live better with challenging health conditions motivates us, and we continuously push ourselves to meet the needs of our ever-growing communities in new and interesting ways. Our team is made up of people from many different backgrounds – pharmaceutical companies, creative and media agencies, academia, publishing, market research, software and technology firms, and more. We are seasoned professionals and young talent and everything in between. We work hard, and yet, when we’re not working, we find time to pursue a variety of interests outside the office – from soccer leagues, juggling club, triathlons and karate to sailing, baking, world travel, and gardening. Health Union’s amazing mix of talent, determination and perseverance is a driving force in our company’s growth.

“Every day, we help over one hundred thousand patients and caregivers.”

Olivier Chateau, CEO & Co-founder

“At Health Union, every day I see the work that we do impact those with chronic illnesses – whether it’s providing them with new treatment information or giving them a chance to share their journey for helping others.”

LB Herbert, Executive Director, Research & Analytics

“I’ve never felt more empowered to share my ideas, think creatively, and apply my passion for health and wellness to make a truly positive difference in people’s lives.”

Kristine Zerkowski, Vice President, Community Development

“I am inspired every day by the dedicated and passionate team we have assembled – and will continue to assemble – at Health Union; without them, we could not build and serve these patient communities.”

Tim Armand, President & Co-founder


The uniqueness of Health Union derives from a relentless commitment to being a purpose-driven company, specifically bringing people together to help them live better with challenging health conditions. Health Union doesn’t just exemplify that purpose through our online health communities. We also do so through management ideas that are grounded in our four core values:

  • Inclusion

    Harnessing diverse ideas, backgrounds and perspectives is critical to continued growth and development. At Health Union, respect for everyone is essential. Listening to our communities and to each other helps us cultivate an inclusive working environment.

  • Community

    A sense of community is how we at Health Union inspire and support each other to work, learn, and grow together. Community is what we believe in, how we act, and what we accomplish as a company.

  • Excellence

    By learning from successes and failures, we experiment, refine, and grow–making excellence the standard Health Union has set as a way we want to think and work every day.

  • Transparency

    When we communicate with clear goals and intentions, we’re building trust within our communities, with our external partners and clients, and with our employees. Transparency allows us to provide and promote a safe and understanding environment.

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In 2010, two former pharmaceutical marketers left their corporate jobs to establish Health Union, LLC in an effort to truly help people improve their health. Tim Armand and Olivier Chateau understood the untapped potential to leverage digital, social, mobile and emerging technologies in ways that would enable patients to learn, to connect, to share and to be heard in a much bigger way. Health Union’s first platform,, began the journey to realize that vision. Here are a few significant growth milestones in Health Union’s history …

2010 launches


Inaugural Migraine In America launches
A survey of 2,600+ migraine patients reveals new insights about the real impact of migraine

2013 launches launches

2014 launches receives more than 5 MILLION unique visits annually
becoming the largest online community dedicated solely to migraine

Rheumatoid Arthritis In America surveys 3,500 patients
2nd annual survey of RA patients demonstrates the condition severely impacts patients’ quality of life, employment, and ability to afford treatment

2015 launches launches

Multiple Sclerosis In America surveys 6,000+ MS patients

2016 launches launches launches launches launches

2017 launches launches launches launches launches launches

2018 launches launches launches

2019 launches launches launches launches launches launches