Forgetfulness and confusion: Hidden complications of treating T2D

Living with type 2 diabetes can be a lot to handle, involving many medications, drastic lifestyle changes like dietary restrictions and constant monitoring of blood glucose. Health Union’s "Type 2 Diabetes In America 2018" survey revealed that forgetfulness and uncertainty may play a bigger role in a person’s ability to manage their condition than often considered.

Living With: Episode 7, Will J

Will shares about how being diagnosed with prostate cancer impacted him, how he educated himself about treatment options, and how he’s coping with lingering side effects from treatment.

Living With: Episode Six, Janet P

As an contributor and moderator for, Janet Plank shares her struggles with COPD and encourages others to find acceptance and peace with their disease.

Living With: Episode Five, April P

In this episode of our podcast Living With, April Pulliam shares about her skin cancer diagnosis, the intense experience of topical chemotherapy, and her passion for educating others about skin health.

The Stigma of Hepatitis C in America Hinders Patients’ Relationship With Their Doctor

Hepatitis C In America 2018, an annual survey conducted by Health Union, collected data from 539 people who are currently living with HCV (n=302) or who have previously lived with HCV (n=237). The results revealed the significant challenges faced when it comes to anxiety and depression, and their relationship with their doctor.