Living With & Dating

How does living with a chronic condition impact dating? Hear from four Health Union contributors as they share the joys & challenges of dating while living with a chronic condition.

The Long Road to Managing Life With Endometriosis: Women Speak Out

Results of Health Union’s Endometriosis In America 2019 survey of more than 1,200 women diagnosed with endometriosis reveal nearly four in 10 have tried five or more different hormone therapies in an attempt to better manage their condition.

Living With Lung Cancer: Jill & Ivy

Jill Feldman & Ivy Elkins are contributors and advocates on Both women have been living with lung cancer for many years.

FREE WEBINAR DOWNLOAD: Capturing Patients’ Attention in a Multi-Device Landscape

People living with chronic conditions are gravitating more towards streaming services than cable TV because of the desire to watch on their own terms. When considering where to spend your pharma marketing dollars, does your strategy account for these changing habits?