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Clinical Services

Today, clinical development of new therapies – especially patient recruitment into clinical trials – has never been more challenging. It takes longer to recruit patients; trial complexity is increasing, and fewer patients are willing to volunteer. Patient-centric trial design is emerging as a key element for success in clinical development initiatives. 

Health Union is uniquely positioned to support a patient-centric approach throughout:

Clinical Trial Design

Clinical Trial Start-up

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Assessing Patient Experience 

The majority of patients in our communities consistently demonstrate an interest in learning about and participating in clinical trials for their conditions. Health Union Clinical Services provide an outlet for patients to help industry partners understand and address their needs at the earliest stages of clinical development to enhance trial design, recruitment tactics, and retention efforts, as well as provide opportunities for these patients to screen eligibility for specific clinical trials.

The results may be invaluable – accelerated development timelines, improved patient outcomes, and better intelligence to inform commercial programs.

Clinical trial recruitment: treat patients as people

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