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DTC advertising opportunities with Health Union

Health Union’s insights-driven DTC advertising offerings include limitless opportunities to transparently engage condition-specific or broad cross-condition audiences across the social health landscape. As the premier social health company, Health Union provides healthcare marketers the unique opportunity to reach and attract patients & caregivers through smart marketing programs.

Whether your goal is to increase awareness, encourage action, or enhance targeting across multi-channels, our team will collaborate closely with you to:

  • Define objectives


    Health Union’s DTC advertising campaigns are aligned to and integrated within your brand’s overall, omni-channel healthcare marketing strategy.

  • Profile target audiences

    Whether your brand is looking to reach condition-specific audiences or a more broad patient or caregiver population, Health Union has you covered with the largest network of patient leaders, caregivers, and healthcare professionals across virtually all health conditions.


    Profile target audiences

  • Curate high-quality, relevant content


    Our creators are the cornerstone of our communities. Our dedicated team of community moderators, editorial experts, and health professionals are actively immersed in daily content delivery, engagement, management, and moderation.

  • Develop the most effective products and services

    The results are dynamic, DTC advertising opportunities designed to attract and engage the right people at the right time through social health to deliver on your healthcare marketing strategy.


    Develop the most effective products and services

By leveraging insights-driven, contextually targeted media offerings, Health Union enables healthcare companies to engage with real patients and caregivers at all points in their journey–from those newly diagnosed to experienced sufferers.

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Check out our blog posts:

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