Programmatic Solutions powered by Health Union

There’s a smarter, more effective way to engage healthcare audiences when they’re ready to take action. Health Union’s programmatic data solutions are grounded in the recent online health behaviors of millions of people seeking information, connection and validation across more than 40 condition specific communities.

Unique Patient & Caregiver Signals utilized to build custom audience segments:

Patient Relationship Signals
Who are they?

  • Patients
  • Caregivers

Treatment Experience Signals
Where are they on treatment spectrum?

  • Currently on brand(s)
  • Treating in category
  • Step progression / tried and failed
  • Not yet on treatment
  • Considering new treatment(s)
  • Considering switching treatment(s)
  • Treatment coverage issues
  • Treatment categories

Disease Progression Signals
How is condition progressing?

  • Pre-diagnosis
  • Newly diagnosed
  • Early stage
  • Middle stage
  • Late stage
  • Symptomatic 
  • Comorbidities

Emotional Signals
What are they feeling?

  • Seeking connection and belonging
  • Seeking support and validation
  • Seeking disease education
  • Seeking treatment education
  • Seeking caregiver education
  • Concerned about costs
  • Concerned about lifestyle impact
  • Concerned about treatment side effects
  • Concerned about future for self and family

Behavioral Signals
What are they doing on site?

  • Active within past number of days
  • Not active within past number of days
  • Comments on community content
  • Participates in community forums
  • Responds to community polls / surveys
  • Reacts to community content 
  • Creates community content
  • Enrolled in newsletters
  • Opens newsletters 
  • Interacts with brand advertisements 
  • Frequently returns to community site
  • Regularly consumes multiple pieces of content

Brand Experience Signals
How have they interacted with brand?

  • Exposed to brand ad
  • Clicked on brand ad
  • Exposed to treatment category
  • Enrolled in lead gen campaigns
  • Commented on / reacted to brand mentions

Influencer Signals
How are they engaging on social?

  • Actively reacts to social media content
  • Actively posts on social media handles
  • Member of Social Health Network
  • Participates in paid influencer opportunities
  • Moderates community forums

HCP Experience Signals
What’s their HCP relationship?

  • Type of provider / specialist exposure
  • Type of lab / test exposure
  • Provider satisfaction / dissatisfaction 
  • Considering new provider 

Target smarter. Leverage Health Union’s extensive knowledge of ongoing patient engagement to build audiences that expand your reach.