Bladder Cancer Patient-Reported Data | 2020

Nearly half of people living with bladder cancer have been impacted by the ongoing BCG shortage, according to new Health Union survey data.

Atopic Dermatitis Patient-Reported Data | 2020

Only five percent of people living with atopic dermatitis say they know all of their triggers, according to new Health Union survey data from its community.

Macular Degeneration Patient-Reported Data | 2020

Just 45% of people living with macular degeneration feel controlled on their current treatment plan, according to Health Union survey data.

White Paper: COVID-19 and Chronic Health Conditions

To develop and deliver patient-centered solutions now, it’s crucial to monitor the lifecycle of patient attitudes and behaviors in this global pandemic.

Prostate Cancer Patient-Reported Data | 2020

58% of people with prostate cancer experienced emotional or mental health changes since their diagnosis, according to Health Union survey data.

Heart Failure Patient-Reported Data | 2020

Survey data shows males living with heart failure are more likely than females to be comfortable discussing all aspects of heart failure with their doctor.

Survey Provides Deep Dive into Deep Infiltrative Endometriosis

Deep infiltrative endometriosis (DIE) impacts more than half of Health Union’s “Endometriosis In America” survey respondents.

COVID-19 Resource Center for Pharma Marketers

Browse through data-driven COVID-19 resources for pharma marketing to see how the pandemic is affecting people living with chronic health conditions.

People with Chronic Conditions Concerned About “Returning to Normal” During Pandemic

Although frustrated by COVID-19’s physical and mental toll, people with chronic conditions approach the idea of “returning to normal” with concern.

Asthma Patient-Reported Survey Data | 2020

40% of people with asthma experience symptoms at least once a day, according to Health Union survey data from its online health community.