Continuity of Care in a Pandemic: Reflecting on the Rise of Telehealth

Survey results from Health Union show that telehealth use among people with chronic conditions has tripled since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing Gaps As Telehealth Use Grows, Satisfaction Varies

At that time, 49% of respondents – all with chronic health conditions – had participated in a virtual visit with an HCP over the previous four months.

HU Heritage Series: Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, we’re proud to introduce the Health Union Heritage Series–interviews with team members highlighting diverse voices.

Relationship Advice: What Patients Want HCPs to Know About Satisfaction

Survey results and analysis from Health Union explore the nuances of the HCP-patient relationship and implications for the healthcare industry.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Why Treating Intimacy As a Clinical Symptom Matters

Findings from Health Union’s In America surveys show sex and intimacy can be greatly impacted by a person’s condition, including symptoms and side effects.

The Year of Substance: Finding Success During 2020 and Beyond

For Health Union in 2020, substance can be attributed to our mission and core values, a strong people-first culture and the ability to adapt.

5 Ways to Make Your Pharma Marketing More Personal

Break through the noise and reach and engage people during their unique health journey with our tips to help personalize your pharma marketing strategies.

The Positive Impact of CFTR Modulators: a Year-Over-Year Comparison

Current CFTR modulator usage increased from nearly half of respondents in 2019, when three modulators were approved, to 68% in 2020.

Migraine Patient-Reported Survey Data

New Health Union survey data show patients experience a very high number of symptoms and triggers, reinforcing that migraine is “more than just a headache.”

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient-Reported Survey Data

New survey data from Health Union reveals that half of respondents living with inflammatory bowel disease experience symptoms 15+ days per month.