5 Unique Terms Patients Use to Describe Health Experiences

Here are five (of many) unique terms used by people with chronic conditions to increase understanding about what they represent to patients.

[Infographic] Social Health: The New Patient Journey

Patients are seeking dynamic, ever-changing social health connections online that have reinvented the patient journey – and pharma’s role in it. 

The Many Frustrations of Explaining Your Condition to Others

Findings across Health Union’s surveys can help spotlight some of the frustrations, context and nuances people face when discussing their conditions.

Social Health: The Future of Healthcare Marketing

Social health—the digital means by which health consumers engage with each other and their health—has broad applications for the healthcare industry.

Understanding Adherence: 5 Questions for Patients

To understand the various factors that impact adherence, the following questions may create a more open line of communication between patients and HCPs.

Managing Multiple Sclerosis When the World Heats Up

Nearly three-fourths of Multiple Sclerosis In America 2020 survey respondents identified heat as a trigger for their MS symptoms.

Understanding Barriers To Needed Access to HCP, Specialist Care

For a number of reasons, people don’t always have access to the HCPs most attuned to their needs, which presents hurdles throughout their health journey.

Is Tech the Secret to Controlling Asthma Flare-Ups?

Survey findings suggest there are early adopters using tech to manage their asthma symptoms. Half of respondents are interested in using a digital inhaler.

3 Considerations for Pharma Brand Strategy Success

As the digital landscape evolves and third-party cookies disappear, keep the following considerations in mind for your pharma brand strategy.

Mitigating the Misdiagnosis Journey

Nearly half of IBD In America 2020 respondents living with Crohn’s disease said they were previously misdiagnosed during their diagnosis journey.