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Advanced Breast Cancer Patient-Reported Survey Data | 2020

New Health Union survey data can help the healthcare industry better understand and reach people living with advanced breast cancer.

Hepatitis C Patient-Reported Survey Data | 2019

New Health Union survey data from hepatitis C patients help the healthcare industry better understand and reach people living with hepatitis C.

Exploring the Cancer Patient Journey on World Cancer Day and Every Day

Discover the journey of a cancer patient through patient-reported data and personal interviews outlining diagnosis, treatment, and remission.

Type 2 Diabetes Burnout: What Pharma Can Learn

Feelings of diabetes burnout can lead to issues with care management and treatment. Here’s what pharma can learn to help people manage type 2 diabetes.

Seronegative RA and Its Impact on Quality of Life

Survey data shows seronegative RA patients are more likely than those with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis to have been misdiagnosed.

Diagnosis of IBS Is on the Rise, With Little Relief

Since 2017, annual “IBS In America” survey statistics have shown an increased rate of formal IBS diagnosis from a healthcare professional year over year.

Taking Care of the Care Partners

Caregivers are a key component of patient-centered care, and, as such, their role in helping those with chronic conditions should not be overlooked.

Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Discuss Financial Assistance With Doctor

Data suggest an important opportunity to facilitate communication about patient support programs and financial assistance options for psoriatic arthritis.

Health Union Connexion Advances Meaningful Engagement

Health Union Connexion provides advocates with the tools they need to take home and use in their work as contributors & moderators in patient advocacy.