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Content Strategy in Online Communities: Going Beyond Content

Content strategy is a key component of Health Union’s approach to community development. Hear first-hand from the people who are immersed in our communities and why Health Union’s approach works through this Q&A with Brian M. Green, Executive Director of Community Development.

Five Simple Ways to Improve Clinical Trial Recruitment

Health Union often partners with study sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) to supplement clinical trial recruitment efforts. Based on this experience, here are five simple suggestions for CROs to help guide patients from the point at which they express interest in a study through to completion.

Forgetfulness and confusion: Hidden complications of treating T2D

Living with type 2 diabetes can be a lot to handle, involving many medications, drastic lifestyle changes like dietary restrictions and constant monitoring of blood glucose. Health Union’s “Type 2 Diabetes In America 2018” survey revealed that forgetfulness and uncertainty may play a bigger role in a person’s ability to manage their condition than often considered.