Health Union Connexion 2019

Advancing Meaningful Patient Engagement Face-to-Face and Heart-to-Heart at Health Union Advocate-Centric Conference in Philadelphia

The third annual HU Connexion is a critical component of the company’s efforts to provide advocates with the tools they need to take home and use in their work as contributors and moderators

A Patient's Story Amplified: Data, emotion, and the role pharma can play

A Patient’s Story Amplified: Data, emotion, and the role pharma can play

In case you missed it: There’s another chance to see Health Union’s Digital Pharma East 2019 panel discussion featuring psoriatic disease patient advocate Alisha Bridges. Moderated by Emily Downward, host of the Living With podcast, and including Health Union’s COO, Lauren Lawhon, this candid conversation showcases how integrating patient-reported data with daily social interaction creates meaningful engagement at all points in the patient journey.

Living With IBS: Hess P

Hess Polanco is one of Health Union’s contributors to In this podcast interview, he talks about the stigma of IBS, why it’s important to speak about the condition, as well as how IBS affects him on a daily basis.

Living With Prostate Cancer: Simon L

Simon Lord was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 50. Fortunately, it was found at an early stage and successfully treated. His experience with prostate cancer inspired him to make changes in his career, and his approach offers inspiration to others facing a difficult diagnosis.