Download Our Webinar: Shared Decision Making Through the Lens of the Cancer Patient

Seeing Shared Decision Making Through the Lens of the Cancer Patient

Imagine buying a house without seeing it in person, and without knowing the price or monthly payments. Imagine taking a job without knowing the people, your responsibilities or your salary. Going blind into these momentous decisions without any additional information would be terrifying.

Now imagine that you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. You need to make decisions about treatment, but you don’t know or understand all of your options. You have no idea how a treatment will affect you or your family. You have no idea how effective it will be or what your future will look like. Not only are you making scary decisions but there’s often a sense of urgency to move quickly and make these decisions right away. This is the reality many patients face when they are diagnosed with cancer.

In this whitepaper, Health Union discusses shared decision making in the context of what is observed everyday in conversation within each of the company’s oncology communities. The discussion also includes learnings from Health Union’s syndicated In America surveys, which are conducted annually on each platform and provide a comprehensive look at many different aspects of the patient journey.

Biopharma can play an important role in improving the effective practice of shared decision making.

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