HIV In America

New Health Union survey data helps the healthcare industry better understand and reach people living with HIV

For the second year in a row, Health Union has surveyed people living with HIV to better understand the wants and needs for patients with this condition. HIV In America, a syndicated research study from Health Union, goes beyond basic demographics and symptoms to establish a deep understanding of the holistic patient journey for those affected and to track trends over time.

With 538 total respondents, the second annual HIV In America reveals powerful insights about the health journeys in this community. With an average age of 34.1 at time of diagnosis, 52% of the survey respondents worry about long-term symptoms and effects of HIV;* however, 81% feel they do a good job following their treatment plan* and 90% feel their HIV is controlled on their current treatment plan.*

*Top 2 box on a 7-pt scale

HIV survey data
HIV survey data
HIV survey data

Despite these high levels of treatment control, survey respondents shared in open-ended responses the challenges they face while managing their HIV:

“Affording medications and medical treatment while maintaining employment for the health insurance to do so.” – Survey respondent living with HIV

“The Chronic Fatigue is horrible, Depression, Mood Swings. Not knowing what the long term side-effects are going to be since I’ve been on so many meds over the past 19 years.” – Survey respondent living with HIV

“Sometimes my dr doesn’t tell me about the side effects. Also it’s not something I can talk about at work.” – Survey respondent living with HIV is just one of Health Union’s condition-specific online communities, which provide people living with chronic conditions the information, connection and validation they seek. Our continuous immersion in the patient experience delivers smarter insights and implications–so you can spend your time developing the strategies that will make a difference.