Migraine In America

New Health Union survey data helps the healthcare industry better understand and reach people living with migraine

For the ninth consecutive year, Health Union has surveyed people across the country living with migraine to understand the real impact of this condition. Migraine In America goes beyond basic demographics and symptoms, diving into the holistic patient journey, and tracking trends over time.

This year’s results show that for 4,693 people living with migraine, there is room for improvement in terms of patient satisfaction with their current treatment plan. Only 16% of respondents feel their migraine is controlled, and 44% are confident they are doing all things necessary to manage their migraine.* 86% currently use at least one acute prescription treatment (with 11% currently using an acute CGRP), and 73% currently use at least one preventive prescription treatment (with 26% currently using a preventive CGRP).

*Top 2 box on a 7-pt scale.

migraine survey data
migraine survey data
migraine survey data

Patients experience many symptoms (21 on average) and triggers (12 on average), reinforcing that migraine is “more than just a headache:”
Cognitive symptoms (95%) are nearly as common as head and neck pain (98%) with migraine. Only about 1/3 say they have identified most/all of their triggers–but stacked triggers make it nearly impossible to trace triggers for specific migraines.

Migraine.com is just one of Health Union’s condition-specific online communities, which provide people living with chronic conditions the information, connection and validation they seek. Our continuous immersion in the patient experience delivers smarter insights and implications–so you can spend your time developing the strategies that will make a difference.