Multiple Sclerosis In America

New Health Union survey data helps the healthcare industry better understand and reach people living with MS

For the eighth year in a row, Health Union has gathered patient-reported data from hundreds of real people impacted by multiple sclerosis (MS). The eighth annual Multiple Sclerosis In America survey quantifies the true impact of this condition among patients – going beyond basic demographics and symptoms to establish a deep understanding of the holistic patient journey for those affected and to track trends over time.

The new data from the eighth annual Multiple Sclerosis In America survey reveals deep insights of a population of 5,023 diagnosed respondents, many of which are able to make adjustments or find treatment to improve their quality of life. 74% use an assistive device to manage daily tasks, 71% are currently using a DMT, 60% know how to take care of themselves when symptoms flare,* and 45% feel they’re controlled on their current treatment plan.*

*Top 2 box on a 7-pt. scale

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Survey Data
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Survey Data
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Survey Data

However, there is a dimension of pain and misunderstanding that cannot be conveyed quantitatively. Survey respondents living with MS share their experiences:

“I am waiting for when our friends, family & colleagues understand exactly what we go through on a daily basis. I am tired of people thinking that there is NO pain with MS, I wish. I am pretty much in pain everyday.” – Survey respondent living with MS

“The cognitive pain can ‘hurt’ more than physical pain sometimes. I feel I have experienced PTSD symptoms (not to the extent of a soldier of war or traumatic experienced person), but I sometimes dream of my life before and aware very upset, I can often forget how to do tasks of my prior career. I grieve. I cry with grief.” – Survey respondent living with MS

This access to a broad base of knowledge, facts and data gleaned from Health Union’s open online health communities like, and syndicated research allows the healthcare industry to harness the power of Health Union’s continuous immersion in the patient experience to deliver smarter insights and implications–so you can spend your time developing the strategies that will make a difference.