Do You Have to Be a Member of the Community that You Are Managing?

Recently I read a question posted among a group of community managers, asking if people believed that it was possible to manage a community that you are not actually a part of. Not surprisingly, many people were doubtful. It’s only natural to assume that being a member of a community that you are managing would be an important component to successful growth of that community, but you might be surprised to learn that this may not always be the case!

10 Surprising Lessons I Learned About Communities When I Became A Parent

In a few days, my team and I will attend CMX Summit, an industry conference for community development professionals. I’m looking forward to learning new tips and tools from some of the world’s largest community organizations, like Vimeo and Meetup, which we can use to improve and enhance the experience of Health Union communities. And, I was honored to share some of what I’ve learned in my own journey as a community development professional with the CMX community. Strangely enough, it paralleled my journey into parenthood in some interesting ways!

Get Hooked – Making Engagement a Habit

This month, Amrita continues her series in DTC Perspectives monthly e-newsletter, DTC In Focus by discussing how to get patients hooked on engagement.

Cultivating Engaged Patients: 5 Lessons Learned

This month, our own Amrita Bhowmick is a guest columnist for DTC Perspectives monthly e-newsletter, DTC In Focus. She begins a two-part series on patient engagement by sharing some valuable lessons and practical tips from Health Union’s unique recipe for cultivating active, engaged online communities.