Psoriasis In America:

New Health Union survey data helps the healthcare industry better understand and reach people living with psoriasis

For the fifth year in a row, Health Union has gathered patient-reported data from thousands of real people impacted by psoriasis. The fifth annual Psoriasis In America survey quantifies the true impact of this condition among patients – going beyond basic demographics and symptoms to establish a deep understanding of the holistic patient journey for those affected and to track trends over time.

The new data from the fifth annual Psoriasis In America survey reveals deep insights of a population of 868 diagnosed respondents, of which 61% feel their psoriasis is unpredictable and just 15%* feel controlled on their current treatment plan. Over the past year, 39% have experienced more than 10 flares, and nearly half have never gone into remission.

Psoriasis Patient Reported Data
Psoriasis Patient Reported Data
Psoriasis Patient Reported Data

The experiences of the psoriasis community are unpredictable, which leaves people craving information and searching for remission. Survey respondents share in open-ended answers:

I have not been in remission from my current flare since April 2018. I have treated in 5 different medical offices. I hope more public information about this disease becomes available.”

“I am desperately seeking remission. My psoriasis is primarily on the soles of my feet and palms of my hands. It affects my eyes, ability to rest and compromises my daily life.”

This access to a broad base of knowledge, facts and data gleaned from Health Union’s open online health communities like, and syndicated research allows the healthcare industry to harness the power of Health Union’s continuous immersion in the patient experience to deliver smarter insights and implications–so you can spend your time developing the strategies that will make a difference.

*Top 2 box on a 7-pt scale