Fibromyalgia Family and Relationship Impact Exploratory Survey

This manuscript was published in Musculoskeletal Care in 2012 in partnership with University of Pittsburgh, highlighting data from Health Union’s Fibromyalgia Relationship Impact Survey.

Spirituality and Chronic Migraines

This abstract was accepted at the American Psychological Association Convention in partnership with Chung-Ang University and University of Colorado, featuring data from Migraine In America 2015 data.

The Chronic Migraine Experience

This poster was accepted at the Society for Behavioral Medicine – 2016 Annual Meeting showcasing data from Health Union’s Migraine In America 2014 survey, in partnership with University of Massachussetts/UMass Memorial Medical Center.

Correlates of Healthcare-Seeking Behavior During Relapse Among Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

An abstract from Health Union focused on multiple sclerosis patients and healthcare-seeking behavior was accepted to the American Neurological Association 2018 Conference.

Differentiating characteristics of patients seeking a second opinion: A survey on non-small cell lung cancer patients

Health Union, LLC has been accepted for a poster presentation at the IASLC 19th World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) in Toronto. The poster, titled “Differentiating Characteristics of Patients Seeking a Second Opinion: A Survey on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients,” will be presented on Sept. 25.