Living With Hep C: Rick N

Rick Nash, contributor and moderator for, was recently interviewed for the Health Union podcast, Living With. Rick shares his incredible Hep C story, from his diagnosis at age 12, through multiple treatments, and a liver transplant. Throughout the ups and downs of his experience with Hep C, Rick’s sense of humor and the support of family, friends, and the Hep C community kept him going. As Rick says, “I think, honestly, writing about it and talking about these different things…talking about the failures, talking about the challenges – is really what helps. It’s what helps you move forward when you constantly have to deal with things that are outside of your control and things that fail outside of your control.”

Living With is a podcast featuring the people and stories behind Health Union. Advocates from different communities are interviewed, sharing how they have learned to cope with trying symptoms and treatments. Their courage and resilience are inspiring, offering wisdom that transcends dealing with health issues and gives insight on how best to deal with any kind of challenge.

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