Living With – Men’s Health: Scott M

June has been designated as Men’s Health Month, which was established to help raise awareness and encourage more health behaviors in men, who have a shorter life span than women and who have significantly less usage of healthcare services than women. In this episode of the Living With podcast, Health Union advocate Scott Matheny talks about his efforts to raise awareness and encourage men to take a proactive approach to their own health and well-being. Listen in to hear important ways to motivate yourself or your loved ones in taking better care of their health.

Living With is a podcast by Health Union that explores what it’s like to live with a chronic health condition. Advocates from different Health Union communities are interviewed, sharing how they have learned to cope with trying symptoms and treatments. Their courage and resilience are inspiring, offering wisdom that transcends dealing with health issues and gives insight on how best to deal with any kind of challenge.

For more on men’s health, check out another episode of the Living With podcast on prostate cancer, released in honor of Movember, a month to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

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Living With
Living With - Men's Health: Scott M