New Health Union Survey Reveals Importance of Online Health Communities

A new survey from Health Union of more than 2,200 people with chronic health conditions and their caregivers illustrates how patients use online health information to better understand their health condition, learn about symptoms and treatment, and share experiences with other patients living with the same health condition. The findings are summarized in a recently published white paper, entitled “Social Media for Health: What Patients Really Want.”

New Study Finds Asthma Patients Rely Heavily on Rescue Inhalers, Condition Proves Difficult To Diagnose

In a new national survey of asthma patients, Health Union, and its new online community, reveals that most were satisfied with the care they received; however, the most frequently used form of treatment, at 89%, is the rescue inhaler. The results also show the difficult path many people have prior to being correctly diagnosed with asthma.

New National Study Finds Crohn’s Disease Diagnosis Difficult to Obtain and Life Altering

In a new national survey of Crohn’s disease patients, Health Union reveals that it was not uncommon for patients to see multiple healthcare professionals (HCPs), have numerous office visits, and endure multiple diagnostic tests before receiving a diagnosis. Results demonstrate an impact on such things as the ability to work or exercise, but also on overall quality of life and social activities. Respondents wished more people understood the disease and its impact.

Migraine In America Findings Published in Journal of Pain Research

Health Union recently had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Amy Wachholtz, PhD and Christopher Malone, from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, to publish findings from the 2012 Migraine In America study. Their interest in understanding the psychological and social impact of migraine was particularly exciting to me, as we at Health Union know first-hand how severely migraine can affect the lives of our community members. Increasing overall awareness regarding this impact is critical for ensuring that individuals with migraine receive the best possible care.