In America Research

Illuminating unmet patient needs through socially driven insights

Health Union’s In America surveys are large-scale syndicated research studies fielded regularly across each of our condition-specific online health communities. These surveys are conducted among patients living in the United States with a specific condition (example: Migraine In America), and cover topics such as demographics, symptoms, risk factors, treatment awareness and experience, as well as attitudes and behaviors, HCP relationship, and caregiving.

What sets In America apart?


In America offers deep expertise via patient-centric market research solutions for the healthcare industry. Designing the survey to meet respondents’ needs allows us to report back to our communities on the individual, common, and different experiences that occur throughout the journey. In America is a one-of-a-kind syndicated survey designed to truly understand the patient experience, from the perspective of the patient or caregiver.


With the largest condition-specific audiences of real people managing their health conditions, In America offers timely data, knowledge and insights from millions of social health interactions. The surveys cover a range of topics from diagnosis to treatment, HCP relationship and quality of life, with countless opportunities to answer business questions and inform the development of solutions that are mutually beneficial to patients and healthcare business partners.

How to put this powerful data into practice

The healthcare industry can use In America insights to:

  • Develop foundational knowledge
  • Validate the consumer journey 
  • Enhance patient profiles 
  • Augment commercial analysis

Click below to view available In America studies and their sample sizes:


Surveys are fielded within each condition-specific online health community website and promoted via email, Facebook and other social media channels associated with the particular community.

Health Union fields surveys for each condition-specific community on a regular basis. The schedule is generally determined by how long the community has existed and the pace of change within the treatment landscape and patient experience. For example, In America surveys are always fielded in the year a community launches, and for the two years that follow, which provides a solid baseline understanding of the condition experience and trends in the patient journey.

Primarily, the data collected is used to inform the content strategy and topics of interest for the community. Results are shared back to the community in many different forms to encourage engagement.

The data is also analyzed to develop custom media programs designed to reach the right people in the right moment with highly relevant advertising.

The aggregate survey data can be purchased as a syndicated study to interested partners who want to learn more about patient or caregiver experiences with a given condition. As with all syndicated studies, results are shared on aggregate; individual responses are confidential and never shared or sold for any reason.

There is no paid incentive for completing an In America survey. Each person that takes a survey contributes to a better understanding of their condition and can help others feel less alone. Sharing experiences in the survey can reveal how similar each person’s journey can be, as well as the differences that make each journey unique.

Yes! Health Union publishes In America data in peer-reviewed journals and at industry and condition-specific conferences to advance the knowledge and understanding of the patient and caregiver experience. Visit our publications page to read more. 

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