Asthma In America

New Health Union survey data helps the healthcare industry better understand and reach people living with asthma

For the fifth year in a row, Health Union has gathered patient-reported data from thousands of real people impacted by asthma. The fifth annual Asthma In America survey, a syndicated research study from Health Union, quantifies the true impact of this condition among patients – going beyond basic demographics and symptoms to establish a deep understanding of the holistic patient journey for those affected and to track trends over time.

The new data from the third annual Asthma In America survey reveals deep insights of a population of 1,025 diagnosed respondents, of which 87% currently use a maintenance inhaler, 40% experience asthma symptoms at least once a day, and 18% use a mobile app to track asthma triggers, such as weather or allergy alerts. Thirty percent of respondents indicate they also have depression, and 27% of this group says asthma worsens their depression.

Asthma Patient-Reported Survey Data
Asthma Patient-Reported Survey Data
Asthma Patient-Reported Survey Data

In the survey, people with asthma expressed the financial impact the condition has on their household finances. Thirty-four percent of respondents cite asthma has had a significant negative financial impact on across their journey.* One respondent wrote:

“With the rising healthcare costs, I fear that at some point in my life I will no longer be able to afford to control my asthma.”

This access to a broad base of knowledge, facts and data gleaned from Health Union’s open online health communities like, and syndicated research allows the healthcare industry to harness the power of Health Union’s continuous immersion in the patient experience to deliver smarter insights and implications–so you can spend your time developing the strategies that will make a difference.

*Top 2 box on a 7-pt scale