COVID-19 and chronic conditions: survey data uncovers the critical patient perspective

COVID-19 and Chronic Conditions: The Critical Patient Perspective

The global coronavirus pandemic has led to significant shifts in how people live their whole lives, especially those living with chronic health conditions. People living with chronic conditions have increasingly felt at greater risk for contracting COVID-19 and many have looked into using telehealth to connect with health resources they need.

To help pharma understand how patient attitudes and health behaviors may change throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Health Union is fielding a series of online surveys among its condition-specific online health communities to capture patient perspectives as the impact and response to COVID-19 in the US evolves over time.

Download this webinar to join Health Union researchers, Katie MacTurk and Dr. LB Herbert, as they discuss:

  • Perceptions of COVID-19 from people with chronic health conditions
  • Changes in attitudes and behaviors over two snapshots in time
  • What pharma can do to support patients during times of uncertainty