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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone’s lives–and especially the lives of people with chronic conditions–have seemingly changed overnight. Now, more than ever, healthcare marketers must be strongly tuned in to the attitudes and behaviors of people living with chronic conditions to best understand, reach, and engage these audiences to meet their needs during these unprecedented circumstances.

People living with chronic conditions share their experiences living during the pandemic throughout Health Union’s portfolio of online health communities and surveys. Browse through our COVID-19 resources for pharma marketers to discover what patients are experiencing and how their attitudes and behaviors have been changing over time. For deeper, more custom insights, clinical services, or advertising, visit our business solutions to learn more.

Patient-Generated Survey Data Finds People Are Anxious, Nervous Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 Concerns of People Living With Chronic Conditions

Survey Finds Telehealth Is Convenient Alternative to In-Person HCP Visits

People with chronic conditions feel that telehealth, despite its convenience and increased use throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, is generally less preferable than in-person visits, but can still serve as an occasionally suitable alternative.

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Greater Concern for Coronavirus Among People with Chronic Conditions

COVID-19 Consumer Attitudes and Health Behaviors

A new survey from Health Union finds people living with chronic conditions feel at greater risk during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how this could impact your approach to pharma marketing.

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People are concerned about returning back to normal during COVID-19.

Concern About Returning to Normal During Pandemic

In the third of a series of “snapshots in time” that track the perspectives and health behaviors of people with chronic conditions throughout the pandemic, nearly six in 10 people living with chronic health concerns said they are worried about resuming normal activities at this time.

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COVID concern levels riseCOVID-19 Concern Has Returned to Early Pandemic Levels

In July 2020, the percentage of people with chronic health conditions who felt concerned about COVID-19 rose again to early pandemic levels, according to findings from a new Health Union survey.

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Shifting Perceptions on Telehealth and the Impact on Pharma Marketing

Telehealth has been helpful in ensuring that people have a safe, efficient way to connect with their HCPs while receiving the information and support they need during COVID-19. In fact, 48% of respondents, in a Health Union survey of 2,214 people living with chronic health concerns, said they either had or plan to have a telehealth appointment since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Respondents who have used these virtual visits were 75% more likely than those who haven’t used them to say they want to use telehealth in the future.

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WEBINAR RECORDING on COVID-19 & Chronic Conditions: The Critical Patient Perspective

Researchers from Health Union share survey results in this webinar download, which capture patients’ perspectives over time alongside the ever-changing impact and response to COVID-19.

  • Perceptions of COVID-19 from people with chronic health conditions
  • Changes in attitudes and behaviors over two snapshots in time
  • What pharma can do to support patients during times of uncertainty

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White Paper | COVID-19 & Chronic Conditions: Monitoring the lifecycle of patient attitudes and behaviors in a global pandemic

The world as we knew it prior to COVID-19 no longer exists. 

To develop and deliver patient-centered solutions now, and in the future, it’s crucial for the healthcare industry to understand attitudes, behaviors, wants and needs among people with chronic conditions, no matter the circumstances.

This white paper summarizes key findings from a series of online surveys among people with chronic health conditions to illustrate how those at higher risk of COVID-19 are reacting and responding to this global health crisis.

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COVID-19 Patient Attitudes