Get Hooked – Making Engagement a Habit

April 15, 2015
By Lauren Lawhon, VP Strategic Partnerships

This month, Amrita continues her series in DTC Perspectives monthly e-newsletter, DTC In Focus by discussing how to get patients hooked on engagement.

From “We know that the formation of healthy lifestyle habits is critical to overall health. However, adherence to exercise programs, medication regimens, or dietary changes can be challenging. So how do we help patients develop habits to improve their overall health? Habits are defined actions employed without conscious thought.1 Habit forming potential of any behavior is often driven by two factors: frequency and perceived utility. The more frequently a new behavior occurs, especially within a short period of time, the stronger the habit becomes. Likewise, the more rewarding the behavior is perceived to be (its utility), the greater the chance for habit formation. The “Hook Model” is one method that we use at Health Union to build value and encourage habit-forming behaviors within our communities.

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