Connecting Across Communities: Health Union Conference for Patient Advocacy Kicks Off in Philadelphia

On March 26, 2018 Health Union opened the doors of its new event center in Philadelphia for the second annual HU Connexion, a conference for patient advocacy, to gather and thank the extraordinary network of patient advocates who share their experiences and journeys with thousands of people every day as moderators and contributors for its online communities.

SCOPE 2018: Online Health Communities Fill Gap Between What Patients Want, Researchers Need

Online communities fill a void for people with chronic health conditions, offering information, emotional support and connection to others with common experiences. By fostering relationships with members of these online health communities – through relevant content and engaging social conversations that touch on and validate the personal experiences of living with certain chronic conditions – Health Union has the rare opportunity to more accurately understand the concerns of people with these conditions.

Online Health Communities: A New Frontier in Health Research

As we transcend into the Health 2.0 ecosystem, where the notion of patients using technologies to take control of their personal wellbeing has become more commonplace, our entire global healthcare system has begun to shift.

Health Stories & the Communities that Hear Them

We, as humans, are natural story tellers. Even our most basic communications are often expressed in the form of a narrative. “A narrative account involves a sequence of two or more bits of information which are presented in such a way that if the order of the sequence were changed, the meaning of the account would alter”. We apply this, and multiple other indicators, all the time. Temporal changes, tense variation, climaxing topics, learned morals — we incorporate these elements into much of our daily conversation without even realizing it. And we come to digest and remember our experiences based on repeated narration.