Living With Lung Cancer: Jill & Ivy

Jill Feldman and Ivy Elkins are friends, fellow advocates, and contributors on In this episode of the Health Union podcast Living With, Ivy & Jill share their stories of diagnosis, how advocacy helps them cope with the uncertainty of living with lung cancer, and how personal choices have helped them take back some control over their bodies and how they view this disease.

Listen to more from the Living With podcast to hear from other Health Union advocates on how they cope with trying symptoms and treatments. Their courage and and resilience are inspiring, offering wisdom that transcends dealing with health issues and gives insight on how best to deal with any kind of challenge. You can subscribe to Living With through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Blubrry, or on Spotify.

For more on people’s experiences with lung cancer, listen to Jeffrey P’s Living With podcast episode.

Living With
Living With Lung Cancer: Jill & Ivy