Living with Psoriasis & PsA: Diane T

Despite living with the daily pain and other symptoms of psoriatic arthritis and plaque psoriasis, Diane Talbert has an incredible enthusiasm for life, which she shares with others as an advocate for and In this episode of the Living With podcast, Diane shares how her struggles have shaped her perspective and how we can all use whatever we’ve been given to do some good in the world. Having a chronic skin condition can make some people want to hide, but Diane is ready to stand out and be seen, raising awareness and breaking down the barriers of stigma.

Living With is a podcast featuring the people who make Health Union so special. Advocates from different communities are interviewed, sharing how they have learned to cope with trying symptoms and treatments. Their courage and resilience are inspiring, offering wisdom that transcends dealing with health issues and gives insight on how best to deal with any kind of challenge.

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