Assessing needs of men following prostate cancer treatment: An exploration of treatment regret

APHA 2019 Conference

Authors: Nina Winterbottom, Shayna Yeates, Brian M. Green, MS, Sara Hayes, MPH, Leslie Beth Herbert, PhD, Kaitlyn McNamara

Health Union’s abstract on patient journeys for men living with prostate cancer, using data from the annual patient reported survey, Prostate In America 2018, was presented at the APHA 2019 Conference. The purposes of this study were to identify characteristics of men with prostate cancer associated with reported levels of treatment remorse, define patient social-emotional health experiences surrounding treatment and follow-up care, and discuss areas of improvement for support and collaborative communication between health professionals and men with prostate cancer.

Findings from the study show that patients who are comfortable discussing all aspects of their situation with their healthcare professional report little to no treatment regret compared to all other respondents; supporting a correlation between treatment regret and relationship with healthcare professionals.

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