Omnipresence of scanxiety for patients with lung cancer and its impact on quality of life

APHA 2019 Conference

Authors: Margot Tishberg, Shayna Yeates, Sara Hayes, MPH, Brian M. Green, MS
Leslie Beth Herbert, PhD, Kaitlyn McNamara

Scanxiety, anxiety around the times of scans for cancer patients, is common and learning more about contributing factors through syndicated research study, Lung Cancer In America 2018, can assist healthcare professionals (HCPs) to recognize it and better understand patient experiences. The study was conducted to identify the prevalence of scanxiety among lung cancer patients and assess whether certain attributes influence the likelihood that a patient will experience it.

Shared at the APHA 2019 Conference, it was found that a large majority of lung cancer patients surveyed reported experiencing scanxiety, with no significant differences in differing type of lung cancer, time since diagnosis, current stage, or scan frequency.

For further reading, see the full abstract on scanxiety for patients with lung cancer.