Impact on interpersonal relationships among caregivers and patients with multiple sclerosis

Neurodegenerative Disease Management

Authors: Dr. LB Herbert Ph.D; Kristine Zerkowski; Sarah O’Brien; Kathryn Volpicelli Leonard MPH; Amrita Bhowmick MPH, MBA

Partnering with University of Pittsburgh, this manuscript was published in January 2019, showcasing data from Health Union’s Multiple Sclerosis Relationship 2012 and 2013 survey. The study aimed to determine how the diagnosis and symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) impact interpersonal relationships.

The survey results found that participants had few negative perceptions of relationships with romantic partners/children/close friends, but described the impact of fatigue and limited mobility as feelings of being not well understood by others, burdensome and isolated.

Read the full manuscript on the multiple sclerosis findings to learn more.