Misperceptions regarding palliative and hospice care among cancer patients — What can we learn from patient-reported treatment decision making

NCCN 2019 Annual Meeting, 2018

Authors: Sara Hayes, Brian Green, Amrita Bhowmick, Shayna Yeates, Kaitlyn McNamara, LB Herbert

This abstract was published at the NCCN 2019 Annual Meeting, showcasing data from Health Union’s Impact of Cancer survey. The online survey was conducted with individuals who have had a diagnosis of cancer (n=1,517) to better understand their health care experiences as well as the impact their cancer diagnosis had on their quality of life. The study aimed to assess patient-healthcare provider (HCP) communication regarding treatment decisions.

Results from the qualitative analysis demonstrate that people with cancer are broadly misinformed about the benefits of palliative care and have some confusion around the timing and components of hospice care.

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